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If you want to get in touch with me for any question or theme related to vintage cameras, please send me an e-mail to danimannx@yahoo.com, and I´ll pleasantly answer you as soon as possible!

The cameras shown here are NOT for sale, and i´m even not a mayor buyer. I just purchase cameras whenever I think is a good deal, so I would kindly ask my guests not to make me any offer. Anyway, if someone considers that his/her camera should be part of my collection, I accept donations! ;-) The donations could be “physical” as well as “virtual” ones, as far as I would show in this page the pictures and informations you may send me about your camera, if you want it to be here.
Please consider that sending me pictures of your camera implies your permission to publish them on my site whenever i may find them interesting, unless you request directly me not to do it.

I don´t provide camera price estimations. The best way of knowing the estimated price of your camera is looking for similar cameras in online bidding pages of your country. Thank you for your understanding regarding this point.
Thus i may not answer mails asking for prices or making camera offers.


This website was enterely edited in HTML & CSS by myself. All the contents and pictures here exposed are original and not copied from other pages, except for mostly all the pdf manuals (Many thanks to Butkus), public patents and maybe some little exceptions like catalogue excerpts which i will gratefully reference when possible.
In case you may find in these pages any copyright protected image or archive, please let me know in order to modify of remove it when necessary.

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Please take into account, that I describe the cameras as soon as possible after I adquire them, and my knowledge has been growing from zero within the first vintage camera I bought in 2003, to the current status within the last camera purchased. Because of this, many descriptions may be more or less detailled or even more or less accurate depending on the experience gathered in the moment I published them.

Thus, the user may use the information on this site at own risk,as there can be some incorrect informations or wrong valorations within this page, due also to the fact that I don´t have the time to review and update all edited cameras as I learn more from other models.
"Cámaras sin Fronteras" makes then no representations or warranties as to the completeness, accuracy, adequacy, currency, or reliability of any type of Information presented on "Cámaras sin Fronteras" website. In no event shall "Cámaras sin Fronteras" be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content found on the historic camera web site, or any goods, or services available on or through any web site content related or linked to "Cámaras sin Fronteras".

In case you may find any mistake in the exposed models, I will be glad of getting your advice about it, and will change any information wrongly posted in case i consider it necessary.

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Daniel Sánchez Torres - "Danimann"

Daniel Sánchez Torres